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Eerste Michelingids in Guangzhou

The very 1st Michelin Guide Guangzhou highlights 63 restaurants

maandag, 09 juli 2018

De Michelin-gids breidt uit in China. Nadat eerder ook Shanghai werd opgenomen in het gastronomische naslagwerk, deelt Michelin nu ook sterren uit in Guangzhou, de hoofdstad van onze zusterprovincie Guangdong.

Foodies die hoogstaande keuken en verre reizen graag combineren, kunnen dus een nieuwe bestemming toevoegen aan hun to-dolijstje. Met 8 eerste Michelinsterren, 20 Bib Gourmand’s, 2 bijzondere vermeldingen en 35 Michelinbordjes is de selectie al behoorlijk uitgebreid en gevarieerd. 

Michelin Guide-obsessed foodies now have one more Asian destination to check off their dining lists. Following on Shanghai, Michelin continues its development in mainland China with the launch of a new guide in Guangzhou. Guangzhou becomes the 32nd destination in Michelin guide’s footprint worldwide.

On June 29th, the Michelin guide unveiled a selection of 63 restaurants in Guangzhou reflecting the culinary richness of the city, a true blend of extraordinary culinary know-how and authentic flavors.

Michael Ellis, International Director in charge of the Michelin guide, comments: “This very first Guangzhou selection highlights a great local gastronomic interest. In this city, the culinary scene reflects great talent.”

The selection of restaurants in the guide are done by anonymous Michelin inspectors, who are trained to rigorously apply the same inspection process used globally for close to a century.

8 restaurants obtain a star in the Michelin guide Guangzhou 2018

Bing Sheng Mansion

Bing Sheng Mansion, championing innovative and refined Cantonese fare, gives the opportunity to taste some ingenious and spectacular dishes in one of its 32 private rooms exuding understated glamour.

Bing Sheng Private Kitchen

Bing Sheng Private Kitchen, with its old-time charm décor, offers a menu focused on healthy cooking with seasonal ingredients.

Jade River

Jade River, has made meat dishes its specialty over the years, like steamed sunflower seed-fed chicken delivered straight from the farm daily.

Jiang by Chef Fei

Jiang by Chef Fei, located in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, is a very popular culinary destination in Guangzhou. Here, the chef bases his cooking on time-honored traditions but transforms them with remarkable creativity.

Lai Heen

Lai Heen and chef Guo offer unique Cantonese dishes prepared using the best ingredients.

Lei Garden (Yuexiu)

Lei Garden (Yuexiu) highlights traditional Cantonese fare, offering excellent long-boiled-soups or crispy roasted pork belly.

Wisca (Haizhu)

Wisca (Haizhu), an address where the crew follow ancient recipes passed down through generations for their quality Cantonese food.

Yu Yue Heen

Yu Yue Heen, serves exquisite Cantonese dishes embodying the utmost finesse that the detail-oriented the chef insists on.

The Guangzhou Selection also features a total of 20 restaurants awarded a Bib Gourmand, a distinction as popular with chefs as it is with diners, which recognizes establishments selected by the Michelin inspectors for their good value for money, as they serve a quality menu for a maximum of CNY 200.

During their in-depth investigation, inspectors found a lot of charming restaurants, hidden addresses and small local shops and Tong Ji is one of them. Tucked away in an alley, this two-story no-frills establishment has been in business for more than 30 years thanks to its famous dishes like steamed chicken or stir-fried ribbon rice noodles. The Sichuan culture is also represented in the culinary landscape of Guangzhou with Ease, offering Sichuan cooking with a young, modern presentation with great flavors.

On the launch of the Guangzhou edition, two restaurants are awarded special prizes.

Jian Ji

Jian Ji, wins the “Respectable Recipe Award”. Here, the E-Fu noodles have been made in-house for more than 50 years, using the traditional method and recipe, which is a time and labor consuming process.

Ze 8

Ze 8, wins the “Revitalized Cuisine Award”, by turning the very traditional and representative Cantonese claypot dishes into highly popular and modern interpretations.

In addition, 35 restaurants on the selection list are awarded the Michelin plate, which indicates customers can enjoy carefully prepared meal with fresh ingredients.

One Star

"A good place to stop on your journey, indicating a very good restaurant in its category, offering cuisine prepared to a consistently high standard."

  • BingSheng Mansion 炳胜公馆
  • BingSheng Private Kitchen炳胜私厨
  • Jade River 玉堂春暖
  • Jiang by Chef Fei 江
  • Lai Heen 丽轩
  • Lei Garden (Yuexiu) 利苑(越秀)
  • Wisca (Haizhu) 惠食佳(海珠)
  • Yu Yue Heen 愉粤轩

Bib Gourmand Restaurants

"Fantastic cooking at prices under RMB200 per person."

  • Chuang Fa
  • 创发
  • Dayang (Wenming Road)
  • 达扬原味炖品(文明路)
  • Ease (Tianhe)
  • 榕意(天河)
  • Famous Cuisine
  • 半岛名轩
  • Jian Ji
  • 坚记
  • Lao Xiguan Laifen (Wenming Road)
  • 老西关濑粉(文明路)
  • Liang Jie Pumiao Shengzha Mifen
  • 靓姐蒲庙生榨米粉
  • Nan Yuan
  • 南园
  • Tandoor
  • 天都里
  • Tong Ji
  • 同记鸡粥粉面
  • Wan Hin
  • 云轩
  • Xiang Qun (Longjin East Road)
  • 向群(龙津东路)
  • Xiguan Popo Mian (Dezheng Middle Road)
  • 西关婆婆面(德政中路)
  • Xiguan Popo Mian (Wenchang North Road)
  • 西关婆婆面(文昌北路)
  • Xiguan Zhuyuan (Lizhiwan)
  • 西关竹园(荔枝湾)
  • Xiguan Zhuyuan (Shiba Fu)
  • 西关竹园(十八甫)
  • Xin Tai Le (Haizhu)
  • 新泰乐(海珠)
  • Xin Tai Le (Yuexiu)
  • 新泰乐(越秀)
  • Ze 8
  • 啫八
  • Zhu Zai Ji Shi Fu (Jiangnan Avenue)
  • 朱仔记食府(江南大道)

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